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Wipes in my cleanroom environment

Increasing productivity in cleanroom manufacturing is a challenge. This is
especially true when it comes to reducing potential contamination that can
cause product defects and associated yield losses. Therefore, choosing an
appropriate wipe is critical to product quality and not putting your image at risk.

Steps to efficient cleaning:

When selecting a cleanroom wipe, the following questions might be helpful to make an appropriate choice. The list is not complete and only summarises examples of questions:

Environment and task

  • What is the cleanroom environment like?
  • What tasks/movements are carried/required as part of the cleaning method/process?
  • What is the purpose of the cleaning – spill clean up, machinery, utensil or surface cleaning?
  • What substances are to be removed during cleaning – particles and/or liquids?
  • Are cleaning agents used?
  • What are the objects to be cleaned like – smooth, abrasive surface, etc. ?

Wipe assessment
  • What is an appropriate size for efficient use?
  • Does the wipe generate fibres, particles or filaments during the cleaning process - either when dry or wet?
  • Does the wipe contain binders or surfactants?
  • What is the level of extractable matter and ion content?
  • How does the wipe withstand possible abrasive contact onto surfaces, utensils, machinery, etc?
  • How durable is the wipe, does it easily tear?
  • How effective is the absorbency performance (speed and capacity)?
  • Is the wipe resistant to chemicals typically used?