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TYVEK® Classic Plus
Model Description

1 Inside and covered seams for increased tightness.

2 TYVEK® zipper and zipper flap for tight closure.

3 Elastic face opening especially designed for respirator wearer.

4 Elastic in waist allowing free movement.

5 NEW! Elastic thumb loops (For safety reasons DuPont only recommends the usage of the thumb loop in combination with a double glove system)

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TYVEK® Classic Plus

Suitable for classes ISO-7/ISO-8 (C/D)

  • Barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentrations and particles
  • Protection against particulate radioactive contamination
  • Barrier against solid biological contaminated particles
  • Combines performance of a Type 4B with the comfort of a nonwoven suit
  • As a result of its unique manufacturing process, TYVEK® is permeable to air and water vapour
  • Suitable for usage in Ex-Zones, if the wearer and the suit are correctly grounded.
  • Easy to dispose of, as it does not contain halogen compounds
  • Garment design offers ease of movement to the wearer
  • Suitable for usage in cleanroom applications. Garment can be sterilized.

Seam Type Overtaped seams Seam info
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
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